As a professional writer and editor, I have nearly 15 years of experience in many different styles. In addition to features, I am adept in Web and business writing, marketing, advertising, and journalism. I have corporate and government practice in publishing, communications, and marketing.

Travel Writing

My award-winning travel writing has ranged from magazine and newspaper features to blogging and travel guide writing. One of the first travel features I ever wrote won “best honeymoon story” from Traveler’s Joy (the iPod prize was used heavily during a 15-month round-the-world trip!). During six months of travel in South America in 2008–09, I reviewed budget lodging, restaurants, and attractions for Hostel Trail (technically, I am only on hiatus with the site until my next travels in Latin America). For the next two years, my focus was closer to home, working on heritage travel guides for the Texas Historical Commission. I continue to freelance for various publications, focusing primarily on adventure, heritage, and budget travel in regional, national, and international destinations.

Texas Historical Commission Projects

From 2009–11, I worked as a writer and editor for the Texas Historical Commission (THC). My primary role was coordinating the development of heritage travel guides, which involved working with dozens of co-workers and external partners on the production, distribution, and marketing of free travel publications. I also wrote a number of articles for the THC’s magazine, The Medallion, developed content for THC websites, and edited a quarterly e-newsletter.

Other Writing

Despite my concentration on travel features, I often write about business or other areas of interest, including history, music, gardening, and cycling. I enjoy taking on new projects and challenges and am eager to consider any proposal.

Story Pitches

I am constantly thinking up new story ideas and pitching to editors. Needing a way to keep track of all the proposals, I created this central repository. Have a look at what’s been on my mind.